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Electric Scooters can break your bones and your wallet


Health Insurance Nashville
Fortunately the black SUV
came to a complete stop.


Downtown Nashville is being invaded with electric scooters. It wasn’t so bad two years ago when there were a few here and there but now the scooters are breeding like bunnies.
A few weeks ago, a 26 year old Nashville resident was fatally struck while riding a scooter and it’s no surprise that emergency rooms have seen an alarming increase in electric scooter injuries. None of this is enough to deter free-spirited individuals from zooming down Broadway at 15 mph with BBQ scented breeze flowing the hair while listening to cackles of bachelorette parties hoarding the streets in peddle taverns. As a driver, it is very un-nerving to navigate around them, especially at night when the riders are drunk and riding two to a scooter along Broadway leading up to the 65 exit.


Mayor Briley wants the scooter companies to address the safety issues by the end of June 2019 or risk being banned. It’s difficult to imagine how a scooter can be safe riding along side a busy street with cars, but maybe one solution would be to astronomically increase the riding rates and use the extra funds to pay for the emergency room bill from scooter related injuries. Anyone that has been to an emergency room knows that there is no way you are going to walk out with a bill less than $300 and there is a 100% chance that a scooter related injury will require an x-ray, stitches, and follow-up visits which can run close to $5,000. Which means if you have insurance, you would have met your deductible for the year (yay…sort of. That means your bank account is $5,000 poorer, or you have bill collectors calling…). So medical treatments after the deductible is reached will be covered.


We hope you have safe travels if you ever ride one of those scooters and we hope your medical insurance plan will give you the love, tenderness, attention and care you need should you flip your scooter. If you need an insurance plan that will care as much for you and your wallet, give us a call. We have those plans.


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