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Individual & Family Insurance

Short term medical plans that have premiums locked in on an annual basis can offer you full coverage at a doctor’s office or hospital for accident and illness. They are backed by one of the largest carriers in the country and can offer annual coverage of up to $2,000,000.

We have seen premium savings of over $11,000/year for a family of four and savings of up to $3000/year for individuals.

These plans are excellent at doing what they are designed to do:

  • Offer you quality health insurance.
  • Cover the important items such as hospital, emergency room, surgeries and visits to the doctor’s office for illness or injuries.
  • Save you money.

What happens to your health insurance when you are laid off?

Over the past several weeks, with the country in “shutdown” mode that’s effected so many small businesses, we’ve seen quite a few requests to terminate or layoff employees. For the employee losing their job, it also usually means that they lose their health insurance as well. 
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