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Group Health Insurance businessWe are here to listen and help you find the right group health insurance plan for  your small to mid-size company or individual coverage for you and your family.

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Nashville, Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Franklin, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Memphis and everywhere in between.
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health insurance quotesWe will email you a proposal with straight-forward easy to understand quotes from competing, top-rated insurance companies at no cost to you.

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Secrecy in Healthcare Pricing

The reason why it’s impossible to get control of the cost of healthcare is because there is no transparency in healthcare pricing. We as consumers literally have no idea in advance what we will ultimately be spending when we consume healthcare services. I’ll give you two examples: Example 1 A…


Top 4 Things Every Small Group Employer Should be Doing in Tennessee to Save Money on Their Group Health Insurance Plan

Utilize the tax advantages and premium discounts from a High Deductible Health Plan that is Health Savings Account (HSA) qualified. When you do the math, the health plan with an HSA always wins. Meaning, you will pay less in premiums for the potential benefits under almost any scenario with an…


$50 Heart Scan that can help predict Heart Attacks

I recently felt the need to have my heart checked out as a preventative measure. I wasn’t having any symptoms, but I’ll turn 55 this year, and I’m entering the prime heart attack years for American men. I called my cardiologist and scheduled an appointment for what I thought would…


Short Term Health Plans

Obamacare plans are designed to cover pre-existing conditions with no waiting period. That sounds great, but why should you pay to cover pre-existing conditions that you don’t have? A one year, short term health plan, can save you and your family thousands of dollars per year if you qualify. These…

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