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Small Group Renewal Does Not Mean One Year Contract

Most small business owners I talk to think that when they renew their small group health insurance, they are somehow obligated or locked in for one year. This is not the case at all. The one year agreement is on the part of the insurer to offer you insurance at a pre-determined price and level of benefits, but you as the consumer do not make any promises. Just like your car, home or any other type of insurance, you can cancel at any time. And there’s no penalty to cancel a small health group plan.

 Why is this important? Because if you are paying too much for your small group health insurance, there is no justification to keep on paying more than you have to until an artificial renewal date.

 If you have at least 5 employees and you do not have a “Self-Funded” small group plan with an H S A option, there is a very good chance you are overpaying for your health insurance. When I say overpaying, I mean sometimes by easily $2000 per month. That’s right, I’ve seen premium savings of $24,000 per year. Are you sacrificing benefits? No, not at all.

 There is a great opportunity for small groups to lower their small group health insurance premiums in TN, and remember, you don’t have to wait for your renewal.

 You should go to and watch or 2 minute video on self-funded plans for small groups. It will be well worth the time spent.

 Then give is a call at 615-376-8899 to find out how much money you might be able to return from the health insurance company to your company’s bottom line.

You do not have to wait until your renewal date to start saving

Call us at 615-376-8899

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