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Short Term Health Plans

Obamacare plans are designed to cover pre-existing conditions with no waiting period. That sounds great, but why should you pay to cover pre-existing conditions that you don’t have? A one year, short term health plan, can save you and your…

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What is a Pre-Existing Condition?

Generally speaking, most health insurance plans now provide coverage for preexisting conditions. That was one of the major features of Obamacare. There are still some plans though, that continue to have preexisting condition exclusions in their policies. One year Short…

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How to lower your group health premium

Group health premiums are calculated on two main factors: The age of the group members. For larger groups, the overall health or claim experience of the group. So unless you can make your group younger or healthier, it’s difficult to…

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One of the best opportunities I’ve ever seen

Did you renew your small group health plan with your current insurance carrier because your broker told you there was nothing better available? A little background: From 1996 to about 2003 there were many companies I could offer, and I…

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“What About The Other 99 Letters I Sent”

Last week I sent letters to 100 business owners informing them of a new small group health insurance option available in TN and 1 person responded. I ran her a quote for Aetna’s “level funded” option for groups in TN…

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